Quilting for You 

Class Descriptions

All Classes are taught on a Handi Quilter Avante 18" and/or Handi Quilter Infinity 26" with ProStitcher.  Students participate in class lecture/demos as well as receive hands
on machine time.

Beginning basics

In the beginning basics class you will learn how to set up your machine from the very

beginning. Class includes setting up the machine, attaching a quilt to leaders, needle

education, setting and adjusting tension in both the bobbin case and top tension to

achieve the desired balance. You will no longer be “afraid” of setting tensions when

you are done with this class! (You will feel comfortable setting tensions using a variety

of different threads.) We will practice how to draw beginning designs for use on your

quilts. I will give you many tips and tricks that I have learned along the way that have

made my quilting experience more enjoyable. I recommend everyone take this

class---even if you have been quilting for some time.

There is always something” new” to learn.

Rulers -In this exciting class you will learn how to use rulers and templates. Proper use

of the ruler base, ruler safety and fast continuous curves will be taught. Learn how to

achieve beautiful designs with the assistance of these fabulous tools! This the next best

way to achieve “perfectness” without computerized quilting. Ruler work is by far my

favorite technique and the design possibilities are endless.


In this fun class you will learn Pam Clark’s technique for completing your quilts with

the help of stencils! Learn to make unlimited designs using basic reference lines.

In this class you will feel  comfortable  right from the start! We will also “play”

with other stencils as time allows.  Feel free to bring one or two top that you would

like ideas for.

Feather Frenzie- You will amaze yourself with how easily you can draw feathers!

I will teach many different ways to draw and stitch feathers…you choose which

variety suits you best. You will no longer be intimidated by feather quilting!!!

Free motion fun and background sampler! You will learn MANY different designs.

I will encourage you to “create” some new designs to share with others in the class.

I will show you how to changing the size of your designs will allow you to use the

same design in numerous ways. Let your imagination run wild. Students are

encouraged to bring one to three quilts to share with the class. Together, we will

come up designs that will fit the style of your quilt. You will be able to take home

numerous quilting ideas!

Special techniques sampler-This class is mostly hands on. Fill a small

sampler piece with various techniques using the Handi Quilter Avante! Working with

a variety of threads/yarns, we will decorate this piece with ruler work, couching,

free hand designs, applique, trapunto, and thread art! Finish off your masterpiece

by binding it on the machine! Contact me for supply list.

Pro-Stitcher sampler- PRIVATE CLASSES ONLY DUE TO SPACE LIMITATIONS  In this class you will learn the functions of the Pro-Stitcher and how they work to enhance your quilting. You will complete a piece that will be pretty enough to bind and display! Many of your questions will be answered by the end of the class!

Quilt as you go placemat- Entire project is done on the Longarm! (Yes, from piecing to binding!) If you are in need of quick gifts, this is the way to go! You will not be able to stop at just one! Fast! Fun! Easy!  This technique may be used for full size quilts as well....

Quilting outside of the box!- (Domestic machines will be needed for the first part of this class. You will need to provide your own machine.) Start your piece by making random cuts on your fabric and then piece it together and quilt it like you have never quilted anything before! This class will really get your thoughts going! By “Quilting outside of the box” you will create your very own masterpiece. Contact me for supply list.

One of a kind tote bags on the Longarm-PRIVATE CLASS ONLY If you like tote bag/purses….this is the class for you! Entire project is done on the Longarm (Almost anyway….) Each student will make their own unique tote bag/purse to show off to their friends! Contact me for supply list.

Stencils, Stencils, Stencils -If you think the ruler class was fun you will not want to miss out on the stencil class! Learn how to take purchased stencils to the next level!  Learn different quick, easy and effective ways to mark your beloved quilt tops to prepare them for quilting.  Let your imagination run wild while you create your very own personal customized stencil, mark it on fabric then stitch it out!!  This class entails lots of hands on fun that is sure to please!

****Each student is asked to bring ONE completed quilt top (unquilted) to share with class.

AND…always remember…you are the queen of your quilt!

Cameras are welcome in any of my classes. Feel free to take as many pictures as you wish! You'll love to have pictures to look back at later.

Things to take note of--

*****Shop size is very limited….sign up early to reserve your spot!

*****You do not need to have a machine or specific brand to participate in any of my classes.

*****Great for “trying before buying”!

*****Basic machine use is ONLY covered in the Beginning class. I highly suggest you take this class before taking other classes but it is not mandatory.


*****If you plan on renting a machine to do your own quilting YOU MUST TAKE THE BEGINNING BASIC CLASS.....no exceptions.