Quilting for You 


will be CLOSED several days in the upcoming weeks/months.  PLEASE call ahead to be sure I will be in when you arrive. As a "ONE PERSON SHOP" I must be closed when I am away from the shop.  Thank you for understanding.

Quilting for You

Shop hours



(other times by appointment)

PLEASE call ahead when you plan to stop in.

I am a ONE PERSON shop and need to be out occasionally for appointments, machine set up and training.

When I am gone I am CLOSED.

Thank you for understanding.

Quilting for You WILL BE CLOSED July 31, 2018-August 13, 2018.  I will be out of the country.  If you need assistance with a machine please call Ross at Handi Quilter. 877-697-8458 ext 3158.  Leave a message if he does not answer and her will return your call. Do not leave me a message as I will not be able to receive them.  Thank you!